What is Bokmeow?

Stuart and Lexie Rhodes met in 1999 and married in 2001.  As they started their professional careers- Lexie in magazine design and Stuart in elementary education- the couple began expanding their knowledge base in relation to each of their fields.  Lexie started shooting studio photography to supplement her design work and Stuart started editing videos for his elementary school class. Soon they were getting requests from friends and colleagues to help them with their video, design and photography needs.
They have called Colorado their home for over 10 years. It affords them them the opportunity to pursue their passion for travel, as they love exploring the globe and experiencing the different cultures, beliefs and cuisine of other people groups. They would never compete on “The Amazing Race” because although they love the show, they are positive nobody needs to see them on “Dr. Phil” following the season finale. Most winter weekends you can find them in the mountains of Colorado snowboarding with friends and family.